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Satanic Psychobitch with a Heart of Gold

For hormone-addled sacks of meat, we take ourselves awful seriously.

Nara Dragonfly
25 June 1985
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Fledgling Goddess, the Gorgeous (and humble!) Damselina Nara Dragonfly, Satanic Psychopath with a Heart of Gold, reporting for duty.

I accept tribute in the form of sweets, shiny things and sexual favors in general.

"When the world is a bit bleaker than before, when the sunshine is less-than-bright, when personal tragedy strikes, she is there. Wherever a heartfelt sigh is loosed, she is waiting. Broken hearts, broken dreams, broken zippers, Nara-chan can fix anything with a box of chocolates, her sewing kit, or a good joke. Doom and gloom face no chance with Nara-chan around! She may lurk in the shadows, but only so the world seems brighter when she chooses to grace it with her presence. She drives the darkness away with the power of her kindness (and lunacy)! All hail the Guerilla Crusader against the Darkness!" --Miss Jilly-Rose.

My writing has now largely been moved to my writing journal, at naradragonfly

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